• Summer 2018 | The End

    Last summer, I was pregnant, sick, uncomfortable, and boring LOL. Poor Kenley was cooped up inside for months and I was more pale than I think I’ve ever been. I vowed to make this summer much more exciting and busy for us and I have to say, I think it has been a success!

    Honestly though, it seems to be flying by  w a y  too quickly for my liking.

    We started our summer out right by chillin’ at the pool as much as possible.

    Elliot’s Otteroo is seriously the funniest thing! He loves it!

    Some friends came to visit and we spent a weekend at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX. It was quite the adventure with Elliot being so little but we made it work (kind of 😂) and the kids had a BLAST.

    Kenley went on two awesome vacations with each of her grandmas and left us behind.

    Her first vacation was to see my mom in Arizona and she flew on an airplane by herself for the very first time. This girl was feeling like a celebrity with all the special treatment she was getting!

    When she got there, she made her annual visit to Build-A-Bear where the famed Ducky was plumped up after many years of love. She also ate ALL the sweets she could because Grandma loves to spoil her 😉

    My favorite picture of Kenley from this trip, however, is from her fun day at a place called Uptown Jungle, where she braved her fears and did all kinds of climbing!

    Once Kenley got back from Arizona, we cuddled as much as possible until she left to Florida for the first time with her other grandma!

    Kenley’s trip to Florida was actually a surprise road trip, completely organized by Grandma Georgette.

    They hit the road and didn’t find out where they were going until they made it to Universal Studios, where Kenley and her Aunt Morgan and Uncle Ty adventured through Harry Potter World in matching shirts.

    Kenley says her favorite parts of their trip were swimming with her unicorn float (whom she named Unique) and the time they spent in Dr. Seuss Land.

    All in all, Mama was jealous of Kenley’s travels these last couple of months!

    The rest of our summer has been spent at BBQs (or as Tyler would call them, cookouts), catching movies at the Drive-In Theatre, picnicking at the park, or attending cheer camp/practice.

    School starts in a couple of weeks, Elliot is starting daycare, and we are trying to get back to the grind. We are going to miss you, summer

    I wish it could be summer all year long! What’s your favorite summer activity?! Leave me a comment to let me know!

  • Our Transition to Healthy

    I’m not sure I ever really knew what the word “healthy” meant to me. I guess I kind of assumed being healthy meant you only eat salad and spend 3 hours a day at the gym. I never really took into consideration all of the other factors that go into being healthy; I just embraced that I definitely wasn’t. 

    Pizza has always been my jam. Like, I know this is bad but, I literally used to order pizza 3-4 times per week. It was totally an addiction. I didn’t care because, well, it’s yummy! I would fluctuate between bingeing on pizza and starving myself to keep myself thin and didn’t realize and/or care that this was almost worse than if I just ate crap and got heavy. Whatever it took, I was NOT going to exercise. I basically equated exercise to death (partially because I was so out of shape that exercise felt like death lol). So, even when I was skinny, I was the opposite of healthy. And like I said, I just didn’t care.

    During this time period, I was also super busy. I was a single mom working 60 hour weeks to provide for Kenley. By the time I got home with Kenley for the day, I was too tired to attempt to cook and definitely too tired to fight her on what she ate. I mean, this girl is one of the most strong-willed people I have ever met. Fighting her at dinner meant I would never win. So, I stopped fighting and catered to what she liked. Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, pop tarts, pizza (of course), Uncrustable sandwiches, and fruit snacks were her favorite things to eat. Obviously, none of these things were good for her but honestly, I was too tired to worry about it.

    Fast forward a few years to Kenley at 5 years old: we had a stable home, she had gained a loving dad who loves to cook, and I became a stay at home mom, pregnant with her little brother. She still wouldn’t eat. We were attempting to do family dinner each night (a completely unfamiliar concept to us all) and it ended in a meltdown every. single. night. My pregnancy was rough so I tried to just let it go. I drowned out my frustrations with her eating by downing a pint of ice cream each night.

    Fast forward a little more: we have a beautiful baby boy but he has all kinds of unexpected health issues. My poor newborn spent months being poked and prodded while the doctors tried to figure out why he was so jaundiced, he wasn’t growing, his head was so large, etc. Suddenly all I could think about was how unhealthy I had been throughout my pregnancy and questioning if I was the reason he isn’t a perfectly healthy baby boy.

    On top of Elliot’s health issues, I started having multiple issues after his birth. I was suffering from intense joint pain, major fatigue (outside of typical sleep deprivation), chronic itchiness, and weight gain. I saw a few doctors and didn’t get any answers. It was at this point that I realized we needed to change what we were doing and try and move into a healthier lifestyle.

    After some research, being introduced to the world of doTERRA, and support from our friends, we are well on our way to being a much healthier family. We are much more active than before. Most of our meals now are organic, free of refined sugars, free of preservatives, and full of whole grains. All of our meats are free range and grass-fed and our fruits/veggies are pesticide free. Our household cleaners are nontoxic, we are limiting the use of over the counter medications, and we are taking the utmost care to know what we are putting in/on our bodies.

    I can not even tell you how much better we are feeling as a whole! I think I was scared of being healthy because I thought it meant I couldn’t eat good food, but I was also just ignorant to what we expose ourselves to on a day-to-day basis. Tyler no longer craves sugar, I now crave exercise, we enjoy healthy meals, Kenley is obsessed with using essential oils, and we all have confidence that we are on the right track.

    If you’ve been concerned about your family’s health, my advice is to do your research and change one thing at a time. If we can do it, you can do it! <3

  • Our Little Fam

    There’s something to be said about finding the person you’re supposed to spend your life with; the person that makes your life feel full and brings joy to minute day-to-day activities.

    Tyler is absolutely my person! When we met, there was almost a whirlwind of emotion and connection that just told me “he is the o n e” and I’ve never doubted it once. We are totally those people that can’t hang up the phone or leave a room without saying we love each other LOL.


    Fast forward a couple of years, a puppy, a new city, and a new baby later; here we are!



    We each brought a kiddo to our relationship, so we have three total (with plans to possibly add a couple more)! First is Richard; he is 6 years old and the sweetest goofball. I live for his hugs and when he comes barreling down the stairs yelling “mama!” in excitement before showing me something cool.



    Next we have Kenley, who is also 6 years old and all drama. She loves to talk and always has to be right. She will probably grow up to be a lawyer one day, even though she says she never wants to move out of our house or get a job LOL. She is also the most empathetic kid I have ever met! It blows my mind how great she is at caring about others and their feelings.



    These two are the best of friends and I cannot wait to see how their bond intensifies throughout their lives.



    Elliot is our littlest, smiley babe. He is the light of our lives and brings the rest of us so many giggles! He loves his daddy, his pacifier, and his Baby Einstein Jumperoo (seriously though, this boy is gonna have legs + buns of steel because he. never. stops. jumping.) Every day is a good day, thanks to this little boy!



    Overall, we are just your typical fam living our best life and trying to teach our kids to be good people! Thanks for stopping by; make sure to say “hi!” and maybe share a tidbit or two about your family in the comments!